img_estudio1With an Amec Tac Matchless 28x8x8 and 24 chanels in recording in Pro Tools 12 with Solid Stage Logic Alpha Link AD/DA.

We have 2 Recording Rooms (40m2 and 6m2), Control Room (20m2) Living Room with all the necessary utilities and facilities (Kitchen, Tv, Hi-fi…) and chill-out backyard for relax.

img_estudio2HARDWARE & SOFTWARE:
Tac Matchless 28/8/8
MacPro 3.1 (28G Ram)
Avid Pro Tools 12
Universal Audio UAD-2 Solo
Solid State Logic MadiXtreme 64
Solid State Logic Alpha Link AX
Universal Audio LA-610
Line 6 Echo Pro
Dynacord DRP 10
Line 6 POD X3 Pro
Art Pro VLA I Stereo
Art Pro VLA II Stereo
Digitech 2120 Artist Valve Guitar System
Plug ins: Universal Audio, Slate Digital, SToys, Properhead…

DynAudio Acustics BM15p
Yamaha NS10
Tannoy Reveal 6
KRK Rockit 5

AKG D112
2x Golden Age Project R1 Mk2
4x Shure SM57
2x Shure SM58
2x SE Electronic A1 Stereo Mached
2x AKG c314 Stereo Matched
SE Electronic 5600 MKII
Sennheiser 421
3x EV N/D468
1x Rode NT1
AKG E293
Behringer B2

Sinmarc GR 100R  Tube Amp 2X12
Bedrock 600 series
Bugera 333XL
Bugera 1960
Vox Cambrige 15
Sinmarc 2X12
Framus 2×12 (Vintage 30)

DW Pacific Drums Percussions DX5 (22, 10, 12, 14, 16)
Caja PDP DX5 14″
Caja Pearl Omar Hakim 13″
Paiste Alpha (14,16,18, China16)
Paiste Alpha HH
Ride Sabian AAX 22
Zildjian ZHT10
Percusión: Darbuca, Bongoos, Shakers, Eggs, Panderetas…

Fender Telecaster De Luxe 1973
Fender Stratocaster American Standard
Fender Telecaster Baja Player
Gibson Les Paul Classic 1960 Edition
Fender Jazz Bass 50s Edition
Takamine Santa Fe ESF-10C
Martin & Co D-28
Clássica Artesana Melchor Rodriguez
Piano de paret Nieer
Violoncell 3/4 Sopiarolen High Class
Variedad de efectos: Palmer, Boss, Jim Dunlop, Fender, Digitech


Living Room with sofa, library, film library, Hi-fi, Television, dvd… Kitchen, fridge, micro slings and all the necessary things for daily life.
The chill-out backyard has all you need to disconnect to the recording sessions with a fountain, rest bank, table with chairs and night lights… such a charming place.

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